Our friends from the Band Factory and beyond are kindly hosting a number of workshops over the weekend. Come and have a go at some of the instruments you've always wanted to try, but never had the chance!

All workshops are open to ALL AGES and are BEGINNER FRIENDLY. The best bit is that they're completely FREE for festival attendees!

Workshops are held in the upstairs studio, away from the fun and frivolities downstairs.

if you have any queries about the Workshops at our festival, please contact music@leamingtonbeerfestival.org

Workshop Timetable

For more information about each of the workshops, click their name to be linked to their individual bios below.

Workshop Details

Samba Drumming Workshop

Foul beasts await, beings of metal and skin, upstairs at the The Band Factory - waiting for you to bash them and make some groovy noises.

Join Sam as he guides you through the basics of samba drumming, and together we shall conjure a groove so catchy and hot, we may need to phone a few fire engines in advance.

No experience necessary!



Trumpet & Trombone Workshops

Back again for 2016, our friends from pBone & pTrumpet will give you the chance to have a go at playing the trumpet and the trombone.

Workshops are taken by the INVENTOR of the instruments, Hugh Rashleigh, and are completely beginner friendly!



African Djembe Drumming Workshop with Ansoumana ‘Vieux’ Bakayoko

Originally from Senegal with mixed Malian and Guinean heritage, Vieux is an outstanding performer known and respected internationally.

Vieux has years of experience: leading many ballet troupes, creating and performing complex musical arrangements and ‘marking’ the beautiful dance as part of the ‘Senegalese ballet’.

Vieux is a master musician and a teacher as well as a performer. A djembe player and musical director, he also plays and teaches doundoun (trio of drums to accompany djembes), bolon (the West African base harp) and krin (wooden log drum form Guinea).

His djembe workshops take you to the heart of this ancient tradition and all his students are encouraged to understand not just the djembe but the doundoun and the songs and the meaning of each piece they learn.
Vieux is equally at home on the corporate stage, and the primary school classroom, both teaching or performing. 

To contact Vieux, please email leamingtondjembe@gmail.com or call him on 07518 750 179.



Beginners Hands-On Homebrew Workshop

Our Beginners Hands-On Workshop shall be given by Charles Gill, resident Chief of Beer at the Leamington Beer & Music Festival.

In this HANDS-ON workshop you'll learn some of the basic theory and techniques, before getting on with the opportunity to help prepare a kit beer from scratch, and help to bottle a batch we prepared earlier. You can even take a bottle home with you at the end of it all! (if we have enough..)

Under 18's may attend the beginners homebrew workshop if accompanied by a suitable adult, although for any hands-on aspects or tastings they will have to sit it out.

Intermediate/Advanced Homebrew Workshop - Provided by Beer Torrent

Rich Allen from Beer Torrent will be taking you through an incredible HANDS-ON Intermediate/Advanced Homebrew Workshop, in which you will have the chance to learn about three different methods of brewing.

For more information about Beer Torrent, visit their website: http://beertorrent.uk/.


The three brews would be as follows:

1. Extract brewing
This is the next step from kit brewing, and involves boiling dried malt extract with hops, chilling and pitching yeast. This produces top quality beers and is a fairly quick process (2 hours).

2. Full-Mash brewing ( or All-Grain brewing )
This is the technique used in professional breweries.  The brew will demonstrate three key processes: the mash, sparge, and boil.  It is the holy grail of brewing as it offers maximum flexibility and the ability to replicate any beer style. This will take about 4 hours to complete and there are two rest periods during the process: the mash will take one hour, and the boil will take 1 hour.

3. Braumeister brewing
The Braumeister is a brewing machine that is programmable, which means the mash and the sparge are fully automated by the machine. These machines are great for reproducing the same beer to achieve consistency.  Also, lagers are best produced by these as multiple temperature steps on the mash can be programmed.  Like Full-Mash brewing, there are two rest periods during the process: mash and boil.


The three workshops will run in Tandem throughout the afternoon of Sunday 18th September, starting from 14:00. The workshops are FREE for festival attendees, and Under 18's are welcome (although tastings are out of the question!).